Fund Raising

It costs me around $1000 a year to host and protect this website. Then there are the countless hours I spend each week answering questions and trying to keep this website up-to-date.

I don’t like, nor do I want, to beg for donations or pester you with countless emails with “special offers”. Instead I have just three ways to raise support through the website:

  • Affiliation with Amazon. If you need to buy anything, can I suggest you check out the offerings from Amazon by clicking on one of my Amazon links first. These links take you to Amazon, with a link code to my account with them. Anything you then purchase, I get a small percentage of the sale from them – at no extra cost to you.  I have affiliation links with Amazon US, UK and Australia. This is by far the greatest source of income I get for the website.  
  • Sale of Calculators. I have spent hours creating some useful (and some not so useful) calculators. These are free to use through the website. However, after a number of requests to be able to download some of the calculators, I have made provision for paid downloads of the popular ones. Some people download the calculators in case the website stops or fails. Others like to distribute them to their staff. Others just want them handy on the their computer desktop, tablet or phone so they don’t need to go to this website first. Whatever the reason, a download link can be found under some of the calculators.
  • Donations. Many people asked me how they make a donation in response to the help they get from the website or from our back and forth emails to solve a connection problem.  For this reason, there is donate button at the bottom of the sidebar on most articles. 

Money from the sale of calculators or donations is by way of PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use it, as they also process VISA and MASTERCARD at no charge to you.  

If you are able to support my work and this website through any of these methods, I sincerely thank you.


PS. Read the disclosure page for more info my affiliations.