Increase Amplifier Power and Volume Calculator

amplifier power and volume calculatorHow much do you need to increase the gain of an amplifier to make it sound twice as loud: 3dB, 6db or 10 dB?

This amplifier power and volume calculator will help you understand that doubling the amplifier power does not double the sound pressure level (SPL) or the perceived loudness.

You can also use this amplifier power and volume calculator to see what effect a bigger amplifier may or may not have on the perceived volume.

Amplifier Power and Volume Calculator

For an explanation of these results, see the article on Double Amplifier Power does not Double the Volume.

For those who need to know, the formulas used for these calculations are:

\large Decibel\ Gain = {10\times Log_{10}\left(\frac{final\, power}{initial\, power}\right)}

\large Power\ Gain =  {\frac{final\, power}{initial\, power}}

\large Sound\ Pressure\ Level = {10^\frac{dB\,Gain}{20}}

\large Perceived\ Loudness\ Level = {2^\frac{dB\,Gain}{10}}


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