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Amplifier Power, Voltage and Current Calculator

This calculator for amplifier power, voltage and current has little significance but is rather interesting.

In the specifications for an amplifier, it might say something like this:

This is telling you the RMS power (or more correctly, the continuous power) with a 8 ohm load and a different continuous power with a 4 ohm load. But what is the peak power? What is the output RMS voltage and peak-peak voltage? What current is the amplifier delivering through the speakers?

This calculator displays the continuous power, peak power, RMS voltage and peak to peak (p-p) voltage. It displays these results in numbers and graphically. It also calculates the RMS current and peak current.

Simply type in the RMS or Continuous power as stated in the specs, and then enter the test load used (eg. 4 ohms or 8 ohms)

So what can you do with the results of this calculator? Absolutely nothing!

It is for information only. It is for those of you who like to understand and/or visualize what the specs mean and what your amplifier is doing.

These calculations are for a setup similar to how manufacturers test the power capabilities of their amplifiers. They normally drive the amplifier with a sine wave into a test load (normally 4 ohms or 8 ohms) which is not normally a speaker, but rather a constant value non-inductive resistor.

For and explanation of these terms and measurements, see the article on Understanding Amplifier Power.

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