Power Usage Calculator

Knowing the cost of running an electrical appliance is useful, and easy with this power usage calculator.

You need to know three things:

1. Cost of one kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity. This should be on your power bill.

Example: your electricity costs 24.5 cents/kWh – enter $0.245 in the calculator

You can still use this calculator even if your currency is not dollars – just enter the cost per kWh in your currency and ignore the $ sign.

2. The power used by the appliance. The power rating of an appliance is normally written on a sticker, label or plate (often at the back or under the appliance). For standby power, use a power meter or look in the specifications for the appliance.

Eg1: a light bulb might be 60 watts

Eg2: a electric heater might be 1000 watts

3. How many hours the appliance is used in a day. This is an estimate of the average hours used. To calculate standby power, enter 24.

Note: Some appliances like heaters, fridges and air conditioners do not use their rated power all the time they are on. These appliances normally have a thermostat allowing them to turn off when the desired temperature is reached. Therefore the hours of use entered in the calculator can be less than the actual hours of being on.

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