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Connecting Speakers FAQs

After answering nearly 1000 questions on connecting speakers on this website, some common themes have emerged.

Please read the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on connecting speakers before asking your own.

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If, after reading these FAQs, you still have a question, please ask it in the “comment” box below.

In your question, please include as many details as you can. Include the make and model of the amplifier and speakers as I often try to find the specifications and/or manual for your equipment to better answer your question.

I also ask for your location. This is helpful as some countries have different policies and practices. It also helps me suggest any products and suppliers available to you if you need some extra equipment.

It takes a lot of my spare time answering readers’ questions, so I filter some questions. I may not answer questions, or only give a brief answer if your question is

  • Already answered in these FAQs
  • Already answered in my other articles (I expect you to have tried to find a solution yourself)
  • Off topic.

I trust you can appreciate I only apply these filters to allow me to concentrate on answering those question not already covered.

Other articles which might help you include:

Further reading

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Please Note: Due to other commitments I'm currently unable to spare the time required to answer further questions in the way I'd like. Hopefully this is a temporary situation. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.